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Nachhilfe in Werther - Englisch

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I'm jasmine and I'm from India but currently I'm living in Germany for my further studies. English is my native language and that's why I can teach and explain English very easily. You or your child will be provided with a great environment during lesson. It's definitely not a problem if your child is new in language English. All the learning material will be provided by myself and I love to help you or your child with the school homework. I can help with the basic problems like vocabulary, pronunciation, grammar skills, reading and writing skills. Preparation for the board exams is also possible.
》 You can also book a trial lesson, in which we can talk about your goals and problems that you are facing in English language.

Fächer, in denen ich dir helfen kann:

Grundsätzlich unterstütze ich bis zu diesem Niveau: 10. Klasse

Für mehr Infos, den Bewertungen zu Jasmin und der gratis Kontaktaufnahme klicke auf den Button unten.


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